LEARNING CENTER Design Basics Available artwork proof options for CD/DVD
Available artwork proof options for CD/DVD

The artwork for your CD/DVD project, like headlines in a newspaper, is the first thing that attracts customers to buy. In order to make sure the image and color is everything that you want it to be, the following types of proofs are available in the printing process:

1. Soft proof / PDF proof This is the one that is viewable on the screen in the form of PDF. The purpose is to confirm layout, i.e., type, copy, position and image. Images generally will appear pixelated because they have been scaled down for email. This type of proof is standard and generally provided free of charge. Due to the different setup of each person's monitor screen, PDF proof cannot be used for proofing color. Here's our checklist for approving a PDF.

2. Digital proof / Kodak proof Digital proof is a step up from PDF proof. An actual print is made from a print machine that is calibrated like the press. It's a good approximation of what the final printed piece will look like. It is also much less expensive than a press proof because the lack of setup required.

3. Press proof / Contract proof

Example of press proof

The press proof is an actual printed piece from the printing press with plates and inks specified for the job. A press proof is the ultimate check for image and color values. It involves setting up the job and running a proof on the actual stock to be used. It has the highest cost of all, but it is the most accurate form. For CD/DVD disc, this is the only form of printed proof available. You may be asking now, there are replication companies that offer free printed proofs, why should you pay for any of these proofs mentioned here? These so-called 'printed proofs' that are advertised are actually nothing but print outs from a color laser/inkjet machine, without any calibration. It can be used to verify layout and position, but should not be used to proof color.







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