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CD audio formats

CD audio files come in many formats today, there is the most common mp3, mp4, and also the AIFF and WAV. Which one is the best format for CD duplication and CD replication? Let's start with talking about the different file formats that can be used to create an audio CD:

MP3 and MP4 are compressed formats that are most popular with online downloads, however not the best choice and quality for duplication and replication.

AIFF is commonly used on Macs and is an uncompressed audio file format that provides excellent sound quality.

WAV is a comparable format that is mostly used on PCs, still an uncompressed audio file format and tends to be large in size. Therefore, making an audio CD master from AIFF and WAV will preserve the best sound quality. When making a CD master we should always burn as an audio CD, not data CD. Most CD burning softwares today will convert the mp3, AIFF or WAV into an audio CD format when it is set up as an 'audio' CD. An 'audio' CD will play in any home, car stereo and computer, while a 'data' CD containing MP3, AIFF or WAV files will only play in computers and stereos that are equipped to play audio files.

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