LEARNING CENTER CD/DVD replication RipGuard copy protection - process
RipGuard copy protection - process

Rovi RipGuard DVD copy protection

What is RipGuard?

Rovi RipGuard completes the DVD copy protection scheme by closing the digital hole of DVD copying. It will prevent users from ripping the DVD content with computer-based programs.

What is acceptable forms of master?

Acceptable forms of master for RipGuard includes DLT and DDP 2.0 files. Popular authoring software such as DVD Studio Pro will do the job.

UPDATE: We now accept DVD-R master for RipGuard title, see here for more info on how to create DVD-R master for RipGuard.

What is the process of adding copy protection to the DVDs?

RipGuard encryption code will first need to be embedded in the customer supplied master. Then a stamper will be made, with the encryption code. Replication check discs are recommended for titles with RipGuard to ensure playability and compabitlity. Once the check discs are approved by customer, the discs will be pressed then packaged similar to regular replication titles.

What is the cost of RipGuard copy protection?

A setup fee is required for embedding the copy protection encryption code in the master, it also includes a content check disc. For each DVD pressed with RipGuard encryption, a royalty fee is due to Rovi, including repeat orders.

How long does it take to add RigGuard to a DVD?

With copy protection embedding, generating content check disc and approval process, generally speaking it adds about 5-7 business days to the production cycle.







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