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DVD formats and standards

In the world of DVDs, there are many coexistent formats and standards. Here we highlight a few of the most frequently asked questions:

DVD-R and DVD+R?
They are two main formats in DVD recordable technology. DVD-R came out first so it would appear that it has a greater compatibility among DVD players. DVD+R is quickly catching up and it has a similar compatibility. There is no main difference between the two formats, and most computer DVD burners are capable of burning both formats.

Is it true that a recordable DVD must be all region?
Yes. A DVD made with a computer DVD burner or a home recording device will be played in all DVD players all over the world. If region code is a must for your project, DLT tapes should be submitted as replication masters.

The video on DVD discs is formatted for one of the two mutually incompatible television systems, NTSC or PAL. NTSC is primarily used in United States, Mexico, Canada and Japan. PAL format is used in Europe and the rest of Asia. Most NTSC players do not play PAL discs. However, almost all DVD players in PAL countries will play both formats. If you have a project that will be distributed globally, make sure to consider these different formats. One thing to note is that a computer DVD player will both NTSC and PAL formats. If the budget allows, the optimal solution of course is to produce both NTSC and PAL versions. However, if one has to choose between the two formats, NTSC is probably the winning choice because of its wider acceptance among DVD players globally. For those who prefer to have both NTSC and PAL versions of the video, there are two options: create 2 single layered discs or create 1 dual-sided disc. It is not possible to have both NTSC and PAL on the same disc because the DVD-Video specification disallow it.

DVD recordables vs Replicated DVD
The main difference between the two types of DVDs is the methods behind. DVD recordables are copied with lasers on DVD burners. Replicated discs are made with glass master and molded.







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