LEARNING CENTER DVD Authoring What is title safe?
What is title safe?

Title safe is the area in which all visual elements in the video (video and text alike) can be placed so it will be visible on all viewing formats. Often times title safe issues occur because people can see everything just fine on their monitors. Problems with title safe often occur with tube televisions (an old-style box tv), because the edges of the video are often cut off. Any visual elements placed too close to the edge of the video frame will often appear to be off-screen. Title safe is generally not an issue with more modern televisions, like an LCD TV, but it’s always best for the client if their material can be easily viewed on all viewing formats.

Title safe issues are best fixed in the editing process. Simply have the editor revise the frame layout so everything can appear onscreen. There is generally a title safe function in editing programs which shows a title safe outline to adhere to.
If taking the video back to the editor is out of the question, we can resize the video so all text is visible in the text safe area. However, we are essentially shrinking the frame, so there will be a slight black border around the image.







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