DVD Copy Protection

DVD Copy Protection

Protect your creation with copy protection and encryption

Content Scrambling System (CSS)
Content Scrambling System uses an encryption key on DVDs so that only DVD players with the CSS decryption module can play it. All major brands DVD players and drives are equipped with the decryption key.

How do I prepare the master?
For CSS encryption only DLT(Digital Linear Tape) will be accepted as master. The CSS flag can be checked in the authoring software, however it can only be written to a DLT tape. During mastering the flag will be read and the encryption will be added to the stamper

Rovi ACP
Rovi ACP prevents any video copies to be made via the analog output of a DVD player or DVD drive. The copies will be distorted and will not be usable. Users will not be able to copy content onto recording device such as DVD recorder, VCR, TiVO.

How do I prepare the master?
Similar to CSS encryption, ACP requires the encryption flag to be checked during authoring. Therefore, only a DLT can be submitted. The encryption information will be added to the stamper during mastering.
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Rovi RipGuard
Rovi RipGuard completes the DVD copy protection scheme by closing the digital hole of DVD copying. It will prevent users from ripping the DVD content with computer-based programs. It is the latest addition to Macrovision line of copy protection technologies.

While no DVD content protection and encryption method is 100 percent foolproof, the goal of a good DVD content protection solution is to deter the majority of violators. Between 85 to 95 percent of all consumers lack the patience and the technical know-how to break through the extra layer of DVD content protection Rovi's RipGuard provides, causing them to give up on making illegal DVD copies. Often, casual users end up purchasing the DVD content they were trying to copy.

To learn more about RipGuard, please go to RipGuard detail page, or contact us.

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DVD Copy Protection

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