Hellman Production offers lower minimums on CD and DVD replication with many packaging options

The preferred method of CD/DVD manufacturing - replication will now be available at 300 minimum quantity with popular packaging such as digipaks and eco-wallets

Los Angeles, CA, January 19, 2010-Hellman Production, a specialized CD DVD replication company, is now offering CD and DVD replication at a minimum of 300 quantity. Replication is the preferred method of manufacturing CD and DVD discs at a large quantity, it is rarely available for quantities below 1,000.

Besides lowering the minimum on CD and DVD replication, Hellman Production is also making popular packages such as cardboard sleeves, eco wallets and premium digipaks available for the first time with a minimum order of 300 pieces. This includes both regular cardstock and the eco-friendly recycled stock (containing 80% post consumer content).

"Technology has made it so easy to author a DVD or record an album that the demand for lower minimums on highly custom packaging and replication is higher than ever. " says Swire Ho, sales and marketing director, "We hope that more clients will be able to produce Hollywood quality and eco-friendly packaging for retail, promo or marketing. "

About Hellman Production Inc.
A worldwide provider of high-quality CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and USB drive duplication and replication services for business. Their client list includes some of the top names in film, music, government, and business. To learn more about the strategic use of CDs and DVDs to build corporate identity, market brand awareness, and promote product lines, go to http://www.hellmanproduction.com for frequently asked questions regarding CDs, replication, DVD authoring, printing, and DVD production.

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Shirley Ho
6404 Wilshire Blvd Suite 700
Los Angeles CA 90048
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