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Tunecore-Get 100% of royalties from all your digital sales!
Tunecore is a digital music distribution service principally offers musicians and other rights holders the opportunity to place their music into digital retailers such as iTunes, AmazonMP3, Zune Marketplace, Rhapsody, eMusic and others for sale. TuneCore differs from traditional digital music distribution by taking NO percentage of its customers' sales and asking for none of their rights, copyright or masters nor requiring exclusivity.

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Nielsen Soundscan
An information system that tracks music and music video sales throughout the US and Canada. Sales data is collected from retail and online stores. The sales reports are published weekly in Billboard, Hollywood Reporter, Video Store Magazine, LA Times, and NY Times. Contact Soundscan directly for rates of subscribing to the reports. You need a UPC barcode for each release and at least three artists on your record label to register.
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Nielsen Videoscan
An information system that tracks VHS and DVD sales throughout the US and Canada. Sales data is collected from retail and online retail stores. Its sales reports are published weekly in Billboard, Variety, LA Times and NY Times. Contact Videoscan directly for rates of subscribing the reports. You would need a UPC barcode for each release in order to register.
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UPC Barcode
A bar code symbol, such as the U.P.C., consists of patterns of black vertical bars with white spaces and numbers at the bottom of the symbol. A UPC Barcode is needed to sell physical CDs and DVDs at point-of-sale (POS) retail stores. More information about UPC barcode.

International Standard Recording Codes (ISRC)
The ISRC is a unique international identifier for sound and music video recordings. An ISRC is required to sell music through a digital retailer - iTunes, Napster, eMusic, and the like. This code serves as a "fingerprint" for the song and plays a crucial role in tracking song sales and royalty collection. Membership is FREE through the RIAA and some digital distributors including CD Baby and Independent Online Distribution Alliance (IODA) provide ISRCs to their clients for no additional fee.

  CDDB Gracenote is an online database of CD album, artist, track, and genre information. Software programs such as iTunes and Windows Media Player can make a request of the CDDB database to download CD information for automatic track naming within the program. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to submit CD tracks to gracenote.

IMDb(Internet Movie Database)
The largest collection of movie, actor, and crew information. It captures every pertinent detail about a movie-from actors, directors, and film crew to location and other trivia about the movie. This also a great starting point to put a film resume online. Add or edit film credit information here. It also provides a resume service giving a unique page to host film resumes online for all registered users to view.
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